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Keez Mc - Im on with it


Hailing from the Bronx, Keez has come to lyrically stomp the competition with his track “I’m on with it”. A true emcee down to the letter, Keez lights up rappers with his gritty flow. I love everything about this joint, from the oldschool beat to the premium lyrics, true hiphop heads will feel this song. Be sure to follow Keez on Facebook and check out his website for all his latest news and music.

Through the Enemy - There is an Echo


Here is the latest single from Through the Enemy. These guys continue to deliver heavy rock with their own original sound! Buy on iTunes

DEKlaration - Mythology Live @ The Landing Pub


DEKlaration performing Mythology Live at The Landing Pub in Weymouth, MA August 2013. Follow them on their website:

Grey Season - Troilus (Official Music Video)


Phatleaks is pleased to present Grey Season which is a folk rock band from Boston, MA. Comprised of vocals, guitar, Irish Bouzouki, banjo, mandolin, dobro, piano, bass and drums, Grey Season brings a unique sound to Boston that can be appreciated by all lovers of music. Even if you are not a huge fan of Folk Music, you will really dig the sophisticated musical mashing of these artists and instruments.Be sure to follow them below for their latest updates in music:

EioN Electro Acoustic introducing Kendra


Electronic Indie Rock artist EioN has sent us a new track entitled "It's Dangerous to Go Alone" and it is PHAT! Using a mixture of analog, digital and even a Nintendo Game Boy, this creative producer makes some very unique music. About 20 seconds into the song, I found myself singing along and I didn't even know the lyrics. The music made by EioN is as catchy as it is trippy, blending both indie rock and electric genres into one soothing medley of sounds. I was also pleased to hear a deut with his feature Kendra as the two singers did a great job of balancing each others vocal ranges. This song gives off a Death Cab for Cutie/Tobaxxo vibe, so if you like those two artists, you will definitly like EioN. Be sure to look out for EioN and show his facebook page some love:

Damien “Dame-O” Hodges - Real Love


Damien “Dame-O” Hodges has got a lot of soul and some serious lyrical skills which you can hear in his song "Real Love". Dame-O brings love back to hip hop which is a really nice change of pace. In a genre where beefs, money, drugs, violence and high profile diss tracks seem to get the most attention, it is nice to hear an emcee like Dame-O bring some refreshing flavor and put love back into the mix. Home to the southeast side of Chicago, Dame-O has put in some dedicated work into his career earning a B.A. in Entertainment and Media Management as well as building a solid name for himself as a multi-talented music producer, artist, singer-songwriter, Dj, and entrepreneur. Using vintage samples and hard hitting drums, Dame-O makes that soulful hip-hop that gets you into the groove and inspires listeners to travel back to a time when hip hop was about expressing yourself and cooling with your friends. He is currently working on his second solo album “Dame Meets World” slated for release in 2013 and his debut solo album “The Dame-O Show” dropped back in 2011. Phatleaks is pleased to announce that we have added Dame-O's "Real Love" and "Green Time" into our daily rotation. Be sure to follow this artist on twitter and check out his website:

Chox-Mak Ft. DJ YRS Jerzy - Smoke Break


New music from Chox-Mak & DJ YRS Jerzy is now available via Produced by North Villah, the beat, production, and quality is sounding fresh from these cats. This time they bring you that mellow vibe that you can put something in the air to. I'm really digging that oldschool style on the ones and twos and it almost feels like it is 1993 inside my headphones! It is a breath of fresh air to hear an emcee, dj and producer doing their thing and clicking on a track. Jam for Jam, you will not be disapointed by Chox-Mak, DJ YRS Jerzy & North Villah. One love fam, light on and keep it real.Be sure to follow these cats on Facebook: Official Facebook Page



A powerful hip hop music video from an up and comming emcee fro New Jersey. Be sure to check out Face 49

Deltron 3030 Melding Of The Minds A Plus Remix


Here is an amazing remix by A Plus from the Heiro crew of Del rapping with Zack Dela Rocha. Two of our favorite emcees crushing an intergalactic beat, what more do you need?!?!

Muigai Hakir - It's The Real


New MixTape from Hip Hop/R'n'B/Soul Recording Artist Muigai Hakir is out for download! This cat brings hip hop to another level blending Jazz & old rhythm and blues with his rhyme schemes. If you are looking for something different to vibe out to, Muigai Hakir is your man. Be sure to follow this emcee to keep up with his latest music:

official Facebook page
official SoundCloud page 
Official Twitter Page

K.Flay - Make Me Fade [Official Video]


One of the iLLest female emcees in the game, K. Flay, has dropped an official Video for "Make Me Fade". Be sure to check out her website for the latest news on her music:

Masta Ace - Born to Roll (oldschool joint)


Best way to start your day. Blast this oldschool Masta Ace joint in your whip!