Cage - Precipiss - track off of KTA


Precipiss is my personal favroite track off of Cage's latest album Kill The Architect. Do yourself a favor and buy this album today off of iTunes: Buy off of iTunes

The twisted rhymes of Cage are back to haunt listeners right in time for Halloween! I was a huge fan of Movies for the Blind and Hells Winter but was not really feeling the new direction he took with his last album Depart From Me, however this new album is really, really good.

It sounds like Cage is going back to his dark roots with songs like "Lamb of Nothing" and "The Hunt". Teaming up once again with legendary producer Mighy Mi, this album has an oldschool feel with Cage's new age touches sprinkled on top.

As an artist, Cage continues to push the envelope by using his tortured past to weave his dark and mysterious ballads. He also reveals his classic warped sense of humour in songs like "Cursed" where he pokes fun at himself for the listeners' amusement. Growing up loving hip hop in the 90s, Cage was one of the illest emcees to ever bring a haunting perspective to hip hop in a way that hadn't been really been done before and just like many other underground hip hop heads in that era, I became a huge fan of his authentic flows.

It is great to hear him making music again and to observe him evolve but I also enjoy the fact that he is catering to some of his oldschool fans by bringing back that shocking imagery in his rhyme schemes. Be sure to buy his new album Kill The Architect on iTunes:

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